Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gunnar Sport - Paul's Tall & Handsome Seat Post

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My Gunnar Sport and Poor ole' Joe

Brooks Saddles, like the one on my Gunnar Sport, tend to move you forward on the bike.
 Paul Component Engineering has a solution to help move your Brooks Saddle back a bit. Their Tall & Handsome seatpost features 26mm of set back, while 20mm is standard on most seatposts with set back. 

Originally I had a Thompson Seatpost with 15mm of set back. I knew I wanted to move back a little on this bike. After installing the Paul's Seatpost, and gaining 11mm more of set back, I put a 10mm shorter stem on the bike. Next I took the bike for a hilly 20 mile ride. A couple of quick stops to adjust the angle of the saddle and I was right were I wanted to be on the bike. At the end of the ride I knew it was set up just right. 

The Gunnar Sport has 700x25mm tires on it. It's amazing how much smoother ride a bike has with just 2mm wider tires. Another gain from the tires is more confidence when cornering. At the end of my ride I wanted to keep going, but sunset told me it was time to park the bike. 

The Tall & Handsome is a wonderful seatpost to use with a Brooks Saddle. Try it, you'll like it!

Tech Info For The Tall & Handsome Seatpost:

Materials:2024 Aluminum
Finish:Anodized or Polished Post,
Anodized Clamp
Anodized Color:Silver or Black
Post Diameter:27.2mm
The Paul Component Engineering  Tall & Handsome Seatpost is available in silver anodized, black anodized and high polished finishes. The seatpost on the Gunnar Sport has a silver anodized finish. Click here to go to the Paul Component Engineering web site.
Gunnar Sport with a Paul's Tall & Handsome Seatpost 
Paul engraved into the top of the seatpost
The Paul Component's Tall & Handsome Seatpost, made in the USA
My Gunnar Sport and the Locomotive at Tanglewood Park

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Park Tool MT-1

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Park Tool MT-1

There's something about the Park Tool MT-1 multi tool that I really like. I'm not sure if it's the simplicity of it, or that you have most of the tools you need to make an emergency mid-ride repair all in one. The MT-1 is a great value, so I have a couple of them. I use them often to make adjustments to my bike. Often times I will just use this little multi-tool instead of looking for loose hex keys. 

The Park Tool MT-1 multi tool has nine different tools incorporated into one piece. It is made in the USA of investment cast steel and electoless nickel plated. 

The MT-1 features:
  • 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm hex wrenches
  • 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm socket wrenches
  • Straight blade screwdriver
  • The tool is 110 mm long, 35mm wide, and 8mm thick
Click here to learn more about all the fine bicycle tools available from Park Tool.

Monday, December 27, 2010

White Industries H3 Hub

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White Industries is one of the few remaining bicycle component manufactures proudly manufacturing their products here in the U.S.A. Since the inception of White Industries in 1978, their CNC components have been designed, engineered and manufactured in Northern California.

If you are lacing up a new set of wheels the H3 hub is a perfect choice. The hub shell design is a high/low flange which allows for a more even and better spoke tension with a hub spaced to 130mm. The hub design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency. Unique to the H3 is their titanium freehub body in a choice of Shimano or Campy configurations. White Industries feel titanium is the best choice in the freewheel application since it is nearly as light as aluminum and has the equivalent strength to many forms of steel.

To find out more about White Industries' Products click on the link to their web site listed on this blog.

Eklind Tool Co. Hex T-Set Made in the USA

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Eklind Tool Co. makes these fine hex wrenches in the USA. To find out more about Eklind Tools, including where you can buy them, write to them at:
Eklind Tool Co.
11040 King Street
Franklin Park, IL 60131
or call: (800) 373-1140 or fax: (800)373-1108 or click on the Eklind Tool Co. link on this blog.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Craftsman Tools - many are still made in the USA

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Craftsman tools were made famous by Sears. The hand tools offer a life time warranty and don't require a receipt. While all Craftsman tools are not made in the USA, many still are. Look for the made in USA emblem or U.S.A. on the tools themselves. Craftsman tools are available at Sears, K-mart and a few other select outlets. For more information click on the link to Craftsman Tools on this blog.